Our school offers a wide variety of performances and services catering to the requests and needs of our clients. We professionally train and coach our performers to attain the uniqueness and skill of each performing art. Each of our performances is customized by one of our coordinators to produce the visions and goals that our clients would like to achieve.


The modern adaptation of Traditional Southern Lion Dance featuring thrilling acrobatic movements and an entertaining display of animalistic behaviors. Performances can include routines where as the Lion performs atop a 15-foot bamboo or soars across high pillars and tables.


A huge attraction stretching from 75 to over 200 feet and requiring the movement 15 to 30 performers. The Dragon Dance is led by the Dragon Pearl as it parades in serpent like formations and unique patterns.


Traditional Southern Lion Dance emphasizes the spirit and footwork of Chinese Martial Arts. While performing, the Lion must overcome obstacles and puzzles, symbolizing certain meanings, in order to retrieve the mystic greens.


A long haired Lion that has similar resemblance to that of a Pekingese dog. The Northern Lion performs wild like expressions and behaviors as it jumps and plays cheerfully.


A Chinese deity that bears similar resemblance to that of a Deer, symbolizing peace and prosperity. The Unicorn is performed with movements of grace and melody as it searches for the mystic greens.


Another Chinese deity similar to the Lion with different origins, symbolizing wealth and fortune. The Pai Yau is believed to scare off bad karma during the dance with its wild movements and dominate characteristics.

A synchronized composition of Lion Dance music with the use of Chinese percussion instruments such as drums, gongs and cymbals. Up to five drums can be played at the same time, similar to the Japanese Daiko experience.
A display of long and short weaponry as well as open hand forms practiced in Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu. Our style emphasizes the use of wide range movements and powerful deliverance.
We can provide custom fabrications and rentals of Dragon and Lion Dance costumes, instruments and other equipment for the use of display, photography and film.