Master Wan Chi Ming

The Wan Chi Ming Hung Gar Institute was established by Master Wan Chi Ming in 1973. Master Wan was born in Da Peng , China . At a very early age, he learned the fundamentals and techniques of traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu under his father, Wan Pak Leung (grand disciple of legendary Wong Fei Hung). In addition to martial arts, Master Wan also acquired the skills of Chinese Bone Setting and Dit Da Medicine. This medical practice is passed on through the Wan family from one generation to another.

To further enhance his studies of Lion Dancing and Martial Arts, Master Wan later settled in Hong Kong where he was accepted as a disciple under Grandmaster Luk Chee Fu (Master of the White Crane Style). Under Luk Chee Fu, he was able to master the folk art of traditional Lion and Dragon Dancing as well as methods of the White Crane Style.

Wan Pak Leung Grandmaster Luk Chee Fu
Wan Pak Leung
Master Luk Chee Fu

Master Wan immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City in 1970. With his dedication to spread the art of Hung Gar and Lion Dance, Master Wan helped his uncle establish Tai Hing Martial Arts Association upon his arrival. His uncle, Master Chan Tai Hing appointed him as head instructor at his Hung Gar school.

In 1973, a semi-retired Master Chan Tai Hing granted Master Wan to inherit his school. Tai Hing Martial Arts Association was then renamed the Wan Chi Ming Hung Gar Institute. The school is based on the concepts of emphasizing respect, traditions, and seeks to encourage the development of its students. Up till this very day, Master Wan has continued to actively promote traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Lion Dancing.